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 “Creating unforgettable and extraordinary experiences for people is where my talents thrive as a creative instigator, dance theater maker, artistic director and inspirational educator. I approach every creative endeavor with a fresh and charismatic attitude by motivating all who work with me by quickly giving them permission to take risks, play hard and create big. Currently I am open and ready to inspire others and accept new challenges as a creator. I am looking to collaborate with visionary collectives, boundary blurring thinkers and creative teams that really mean it when they say: think out of the box.” 


Octavio Campos has challenged the conventions of theater, dance, music, television, opera, circus, cabaret, science, engineering, architecture, fine art and film through 30 years of fearless performance. His company, Camposition has strapped time bombs to audience member’s chests (Penguin Moon); shaken them down for cash (IPO); dropped stuffed monkeys on their heads (Kitchen Monkey); immersed them in a world where young men deliberately contract HIV (Bugchasers); and inspired love and acceptance (Please Don’t Hate Me). As a solo artist, he has interrogated Cuban history (The Pig Show) and celebrated his milestones as a queer Cuban-American artist (TRPL Quince). He is currently creating a new one-man transmedia show about his never ending love affair with Havana, Cuba:”Raw Coffee”.

Born in Miami to Cuban parents, Campos studied dance and composition at the State University of New York at Purchase, the Martha Graham School, and the Lincoln Center Directors Lab. He continued his studies at the Folkwang Schule of Pina Bausch in Germany, where he was a soloist in the State Opera House system for 12 years, winning a Berliner Theater Treffen Award. In the United States, his awards include  a Miami-Dade County Choreographers Fellowship, a State of Florida Interdisciplinary Fellowship,a Knight Arts Challenge grant, and repeat artist residencies at the Baryshnikov Arts Center.

As a teacher, he has influenced a new generation of performance artists at the New World School of the Arts in Miami; the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Australia; and the Instituto Superior de Arte Cubano in Havana. He has also led community outreach workshops for hosts from women’s prisons to the Google Creative Laboratory. As a leader in the arts community, he has founded and programmed several performance venues in Miami, including 801 Projects, SpiegelWorld and the Miami Theater Center.

Here is a video of his commercial work as a choreographer and producer.

Raw Coffee (2015)

Raw Coffee -  new transmedia performance pt. 1  - The Bustelo Gods
Raw Coffee – new transmedia performance
pt. 1 – The Bustelo Gods

Raw Coffee_blackmoment



TRPL Quince (2014)


photo by Robert Flynt
photo by Robert Flynt


Please Don’t Hate Me! (2012)

Rated O - Please Don't Hate Me!

a clip from the video Intention Intervention for the Please Don’t Hate Me! Campaign

Natasha Tsakos in Please Don't Hate Me!
Natasha Tsakos in Please Don’t Hate Me!

THE PIG SHOW  (2011)



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