TRPL QUINCE (2014) performance by Octavio Campos

SYNAPSE PERFORMANCE PROJECT created by Letty Bassart and Lydia Bittner Baird present – SYNAPSE 1 – a dance think tank and look into the process and new solo performance TRPL Quince by Octavio Campos

Here some great pictures of the performance taken by Jeffrey Salter at The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse in Wynwood, Miami, Florida.

image image image image

Bridging the Divide
Bridging the Divide


photo by Jeffery Salter
photo by Jeffery Salter

_D1B9777 _D1B9805 _D1B9808 _D1B9809-1 _D1B9809 _D1B9825 _D1B9828 _D1B9830 _D1B9831-2 _D1B9836-1 _D1B9843 _D1B9846 _D1B9858 894502_10202561040210024_1036330060_o Bridge rock_dancer Octavio Campos_photo Jeffrey Salter2013 HypnoTecno_peformance_Octavio Campos_photo_Jeffrey Salter Sypnapse 1_TRPL interaction1_photo Jeffrey Salter

Synapse Performance Project – TRPL Quince

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